Digital safety starts here for both commercial and personal

What We DO?

Cyber Security Solutions:

We specialize in advanced software solutions tailored for construction project management, scheduling, and document management. Our expertise also spans cybersecurity services, including EDR, NDR, and threat intelligence platforms. Additionally, we offer structural analysis and engineering software, detailing tools, and license administration services. Our mission is to empower businesses with innovative technologies, ensuring efficiency, security, and excellence in project execution and digital protection.

As a leading cybersecurity company, we offer cutting-edge solutions for threat detection and response. Our services include:

Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR), Extensive Detection & Response (XDR), Managed Detection & Response (MDR)

Sentinel One, CrowdStrike, Kaspersky, Sophos, McAfee, Trellix

Sysdig (Security for Containers, Kubernetes, Prometheus & Google Cloud , AWS Cloud & Microsoft Azure).  We specialize in network detection and response, providing optimal pricing and endpoint protection. With expertise in extended detection and response (XDR), Sysdig Security for Containers, Kubernetes, and Cloud. we safeguard your digital assets against evolving cyber threats, ensuring comprehensive security solutions tailored to your needs.

At our cybersecurity firm, we specialize in safeguarding your Active Directory through thorough assessments and robust protection measures. Additionally, we employ advanced deception technology to outsmart cyber threats. With our expertise, we proactively identify vulnerabilities within your Active Directory environment and implement strategic defenses to mitigate risks effectively. Through innovative deception techniques, we create a virtual minefield for attackers, making it harder for them to breach your systems. Trust us to fortify your digital infrastructure and stay one step ahead of malicious actors.

Dark Web Deep Web & Threat Intelligence Platform:

We specialize in providing comprehensive cybersecurity solutions to combat cyber threats. Our services include cyber threat intelligence platforms, attack surface management, and deep web threat intelligence. Leveraging AI in cybersecurity, we offer advanced threat detection and mitigation strategies. Whether you’re seeking protection against dark web threats or need expert cyber security services, we’ve got you covered with proactive defense measures and actionable insights to safeguard your digital assets

We do Best Construction Scheduling & Project Management Software:

  • As a leading software company, we specialize in providing comprehensive project scheduling and management solutions tailored specifically for the construction industry. Our flagship product, we supply & install software, stands out as one of the best construction scheduling tools available, offering advanced features to streamline project planning and execution. With our expertise in project management and scheduling software, we empower construction firms to optimize their workflows, enhance efficiency, and deliver projects on time and within budget. Whether you need scheduling software for project management or robust construction project management solutions, we’ve got you covered with the best-in-class tools and support to drive success in your construction projects.


  • We specialize in providing comprehensive solutions for construction project management and document management software. Our platform enables efficient management of project managers, tasks, and teams, offering both affordable and robust options. From web applications to ERP systems, our online project management tools streamline construction management processes, ensuring seamless collaboration and project success.

Structural Engineering & Analysis Software

We specialize in providing cutting-edge software solutions and training courses for structural engineering and detailing. Our offerings include structural analysis and design software, certification tools, and steel structure design courses. Additionally, we offer license administration and pricing solutions, along with online training courses and support. Whether you need software for structural calculations or training in building structure design, we’re your trusted partner for all things structural engineering.